A self-starter, blessed with great brands, brilliant people and a taste for different art forms.

Burcin Ergunt is an Istanbul born, London based photographer, content creator, creative director. He built a diverse portfolio of personal and commercial work, yet his cinematic visual style and keen eye for detail remains consistent.

Burcin has now years of experience as a professional photographer in a variety of fields. His approach to photography is spontaneous and natural, trying not to influence or arrange what happens in front of the camera too much, he prefers to evoke a sense of honesty that captures moments of unseen beauty certainly offers a unique perspective to the genre.

May 2019.

Selected Clients:

Mercedes-Benz Fashion
Karla Otto
Chivas Regal
Absolut Vodka
GQ Turkey
Vogue Turkey
Atelier Orman
Life & Thyme Magazine